Canadian National’s GE Dash 8-40CM

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Here’s a tough one to catch!… The 6-axle GE C40-8M was built by GE from 1990 to 1994 and is often referred to as a Dash 8-40CM.

On the inside it’s mechanically identical to the common Dash 8-40CW, but on the outside it’s anything but traditional. These cowl bodied beasts were constructed only for the Canadians with a total of 84 units built. In addition to the body it differs from standard Dash 8s by the Canadian specific nose and windshield configuration and also the trucks which were taken from retired Alco/Montreal Locomotive Works locomotives!… Not so surprising since at one time, both GE and Alco were sleeping in the same bed together.

These units also have the nose mounted bell, a feature found on only half of the Dash 8-40CMs.

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Canadian National GE Dash 8-40CM

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