Weekend Railfanning Episode 12: 4-Train Sunday With A Delaware Lackawanna Cameo

Norfolk Southern Train 931 (Welded Rail Train) @ 0710….

Railfanning in Taylor is always a special treat…. The ability to see long stretches of the trains and the panoramic vistas give railfanning a whole new perspective of NEPA.

Today was no exception and the show got started before 07:00…. That’s when I heard the CP dispatcher talking to the crew of Canadian National Train 931. And while I can’t dictate the conversation word-for-word in this post, I can say that from the sound of it, the crew of the 931 was less-than-happy about having to outlaw in Dalton.

Anyhoots, at 07:10 the 931 (a unit welded rail train with an incredible 5-unit lashup including 2 low-nose SD40-2s and a high-hood GP38-2!) comes around the bend and “held the main” and waited for the Norfolk Southern Train 458 to come into the yard. I’m told by a reliable source that NS is re-doing the entire NY Southern Tier (or at least a darn big portion of it!) and this is the second welded rail train under the symbol of 931 that I’ve seen so far. The first being on August 3.

Also worthy of mention is that this is the second time that an impressive 5-unit lashup has popped up on the point of a 931…. The first time was nearly 2 months ago on June 14!

Ten minutes after the 931 came to a stop the 458 slowly creeped onto the siding and into the yard with a relatively short forty-something cars. When the train’s marker finally made its way past the 931’s engines, the crew got the green signal and was on their way north-to Dalton, that is…. And no further…. By order of the CP dispatcher.

At this point I was ready to call it a day but then I got word of Canadian Pacific Train 259 that would be coming into the yard and at exactly 09:00 he showed up behind the usual #6249/#5690 combo.

What really impressed me today was the sound these engines were making as they shoved in and out of the yard while making up their haul to Binghamton. You should’ve heard it!

It would take at least an hour before the 259 would head north and during the wait I began hearing air horns coming from the south side over on the Delaware-Lackawanna…. Now you have to remember that today is Sunday which is rare for the D-L to be operating on and what I thought was a sound coming from South Washington Avenue (perhaps heading to or from their Breck Street shop) was actually a PT-98 (Portland Turn) on Ridge Row heading east out of town.

I only got this train on video so I have no photos to show you here but this is the second time that I’ve been given a Sunday Morning surprise courtesy of the Delaware-Lackawanna.

Finally, the 259 got itself together and at sometime after 10:00 it slowly rolled out of the yard and on its way to Bingo-Town.


Norfolk Southern Train 458 @ 0720….

4-Train-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-8-16-2015 (58)

CP logo

Canadian Pacific Train 259 @ 0900….

4-Train-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-8-16-2015 (195)

4-Train-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-8-16-2015 (199)

4-Train-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-8-16-2015 (204)



Understanding the train symbols of the D&H Sunbury Subdivision….

Canadian Pacific train 458 is a Binghamton, NY to Linwood, NC manifest which runs as Norfolk Southern train 11R.

Canadian Pacific train 459 is a Harrisburg (Enola), Pa. to Binghamton, NY manifest which formerly ran as Norfolk Southern train 12R but now runs as train 14R.

Canadian Pacific train 930 is a Rouses Point, NY to Harrisburg (Enola) Pa. manifest which runs as Norfolk Southern 30T.

Canadian Pacific train 931 is a Harrisburg (Enola) Pa. to Rouses Point, NY manifest which runs as Norfolk Southern 31T.

Canadian Pacific train 258 is a Binghamton, NY to Allentown, Pa. manifest.

Canadian Pacific train 259 is an Allentown, Pa. to Binghamton, NY manifest.

Canadian Pacific D-11 is a local that runs from Taylor Yard in Taylor, Pa. south down the Sunbury Sub (now the NS Crescent Corridor) to Sunbury (CP Kase).

Canadian Pacific D-12 is a local that runs from Taylor Yard in Taylor, Pa. north up the Sunbury Sub (now the NS Crescent Corridor) to Binghamton, NY.

Norfolk Southern 12T is an Allentown, Pa. to Buffalo, NY manifest which runs as Canadian Pacific 932.

Norfolk Southern 13T is a Buffalo, NY to Allentown, Pa. manifest which runs as Canadian Pacific 933.

Naturally many (if not all) of these symbols will change when Norfolk Southern takes over proper…. I’ll keep you posted on those changes as I find them out.


Find out where the freight cars in this post call home….

Check Out Our Reporting Marks Page


Keep up with all of the train action taking place on the former CP Rail Sunbury Subdivision (now the Norfolk Southern Crescent Corridor) at BROADCASTIFY.COM.

Naturally when Norfolk Southern takes over these mileage markers will probably change.. When they do I’ll make sure to make the necessary updates…. For now here are the….

Pennsylvania Mile Markers from Binghamton, NY to Sunbury, Pa.

627-Hallstead (Dragging Equipment Detector)
643-Kingsley (Dragging Equipment Detector)
650-Hop Bottom (10,000 ft. siding)
653-Nicholson & the Tunkhannock Viaduct
659-661 (10,000 ft. siding)
662-Glenburn (Dragging Equipment Detector)
664-Clark’s Summit
671-Steamtown Wye (Bridge Sixty)
672-Taylor Yard (North end)
673-Taylor Yard (South end)
679-Dupont Jct.
696-Nanticoke (Broadway Street)
701-Retreat State Hospital
714-Beach Haven
752-CP Kase (this is where the Sunbury Subdivision joins the Norfolk Southern Buffalo line to Harrisburg and Enola.)

The last days of the Canadian Pacific/Delaware & Hudson and the Sunbury Subdivision

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