General Electric AC6000CW Diesel Locomotives

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The General Electric AC6000CW diesel electric locomotive could probably be best described as the diesel locomotive that never was…. That’s because despite its numerical high horsepower designation, there are no true “6,000” horsepower GEs in operation on American rails.

The unit was designed in the mid 90s during the height of the horsepower race between GE and EMD. EMDs contribution to the 6,000 h.p. market was the SD90MAC.

Both units were severely problematic and were eventually designated as “convertibles” as both had to have lower horsepower prime movers replace the original ones while the bugs were worked out of the new engines.

However, instead of receiving the new 6,000 h.p. prime movers, most of Union Pacific‘s 6000s were retrofitted with the older, proven and more reliable 4,400 h.p. 7FDL prime mover effectively making them C60ACs as UP classifies them.

CSX, the other AC6000 customer also had their units de-rated and now designates them as CW60ACs.

The (2) most distinguishing features about the 6000s are the enlarged, extended radiator section on the rear of the long hood and the raised walkway on the engineer’s side of the unit.

Like the GEs, on the EMD side the 90MACs were de-rated, this time to 4,300 h.p. which 90MAC customers classified as SD9043MACs.

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General Electric AC6000CW Diesel Locomotive

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