So That’s What That Was!… NJ Transit Multi-Level Commuter Cars Heading To Bombardier

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So That’s What That Was!… NJ Transit Multi-Level Commuter Cars….

Back on June 20 and July 20 and August 13 and August 24 and September 21 I got an expected surprise on the rear of trains like the 12T, 13T and 458. NJ Transit multi-level commuter cars.

It took a while for me to figure out what the deal was but now that I know I can share that information you….

NJT has been sending their cars to Bombardier Transportation in Dansville, NY (think of the old Dansville & Mount Morris Railroad here) for routine maintenance, repairs and minor modifications. The cars leave North Jersey on Norfolk Southern trains to Allentown, Pa. where they end up on the tail of (back then 12T) now 37T. Once completed, the cars return to Allentown where they’re tacked onto the rear of trains heading back to Jersey like 18G.

For the record, I’ve also caught MBTA commuter cars too but don’t have any answers as to who, what, where or why yet.

NS-CSX-Lehigh-Railway-NJ-Transit-Scranton-Pa-6-20-2015 (73)

NS-Train-36T-9-21-2015 (95)

Parade-of-Color-Scranton-Pa-7-20-2015 (33)

Thursday-Double-Play-Scranton-Pa-8-13-2015 (117)

As I continue to learn about the rail culture and operations of America, along the way I run into (a lot of) things that I can’t always answer in the beginning…. But eventually all of the mysteries of railroading reveal themselves to me and when they do I always say to myself, “So that’s what that was!”

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