So That’s What That Was…. Trains 11R And 14R Have A New Profile And New Power

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Since the beginning of this journey the CP Trains 458 & 459 (which NS ran as 11R and 12R (NOTE: 12R was later changed to 14R)) were the straight lines along this trek.

They were Canadian Pacific trains that were run with CP crews and NS power. As CP trains they originated in Binghamton, NY and ran to Enola, Pa. and back. As Norfolk Southern trains they ran all the way to Linwood Yard in Linwood, NC and back.

On September 19, 2015 everything became NS and all CP train symbols including 458 & 459 were discontinued…. But (most of) the trains carry on including 11R and 14R which now have new profiles, parameters and symbols with NS and Pan Am Railways now pooling power between Enola and East Deerfield, Ma..

Trains 11R and 14R now run as EDMO and MOED on the Pan Am Southern and on October 1st a Maine Central unit showed up in the power consist of 11R as well as 2 days later on October 3rd and again as the leader of the pack on October 10th (which made fine railfanning birthday present for me!).

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As I continue to learn about the rail culture and operations of America, along the way I run into (a lot of) things that I can’t always answer in the beginning…. But eventually all of the mysteries of railroading reveal themselves to me and when they do I always say to myself, “So that’s what that was!”

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