1000 Words: In The Still Of The Night

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In the last half of the 1950s, O. Winston Link made history when he recorded the final days of steam on the Norfolk & Western, only then nobody knew it yet. That would take time.

What characterized Link’s masterful works more than anything was his night time portraits of the N&W at work, at rest and along the line. Fast forward 60 years and its 2015. The N&W is now the Norfolk Southern and unlike the large and heavy gear Link had to work with, today, cameras can fit in one’s back pocket.

Times change and so does technology, but the concept and taking a great night portrait hasn’t. I stumbled upon these two 3,000 h.p. beasts simmering peacefully on a mild Saturday, November 7, 2015 upon returning from a day in Harrisburg, Pa.. So I took out my DSLR, bumped up the ISO to the max and shot. No tripod, no special gear, no heavy sepia tones or photoshopping. Just a quick, candid night portrait of a timeless scene.

By tomorrow night these behemoths will be raising hell as they move tonnage up and out of Scranton, Pa. to Binghamton, NY as Train K82. But for now, they’re as tranquil as sleeping kittens, forever frozen in time…. Link would’ve been proud.

1000 Words: In The Still Of The Night

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