(Part 5 of 7) Weekend Railfanning Episode 24: I Found The BNSF!… It’s In Harrisburg, Pa….

Enola was diesel heaven and as hard as it was to pull ourselves away we knew that no railfan trip to Harrisburg would be complete without a trip to the famed Rockville Bridge.

At more than 3,800 feet in length, the legendary Rockville Bridge is one of the world’s longest stone arch bridges and the defining rail landmark of Harrisburg. Frank, my railfan friend knew of a perfect (though not well known) location where we could get some spectacular shots of trains moving over the bridge.

Frank’s location didn’t disappoint and when we got there Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian was coming over but I couldn’t get set up fast enough to get a shot. Darn it! And we had stunning orange late afternoon light, too!

We did get there in time to see Norfolk Southern Train 13R coming north out of Enola and crossing over the bridge. This train is an important link in our journey as it’s the next train from the 11R and 14R we’ve become so accustomed to seeing in NEPA.

But that much being said, low and behold, what was in the consist, a BNSF GE ES44C4!…

BNSF locomotives have been very elusive up on the Sunbury Crescent and I commented (ranted I should say) about the lack of BNSF moving through Northeast Pa.. And although not quite home, the #6550 is the first BNSF loco I’ve ever shot digitally!… I have tons of em’ on slide from 2003-2006!

Train 13R with a BNSF GE ES44C4 #6550 glides over Rockville Bridge on its way to Linwood, NC. On the other side the train will turn south through downtown and down the Lurgan Branch to Hagerstown, Md..

Rockville-Bridge-Harrisburg-Pa-11-7-2015 (8)




Guide To Understanding Norfolk Southern Train Symbols:
Train Number Series Extra Series Symbol Train Description
000-099 R Special Trains
100-199 M Merchandise Trains
200-299 I Intermodal Trains
300-399 W Merchandise Trains
400-499 X Bulk Commodities
500-599 Y Bulk Commodities
600-699 Z Bulk Commodities
700-799 Q Coal Trains
800-899 S Coal Trains
900-999 O Miscellaneous or Work Trains


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Keep up with all of the train action taking place around the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania metropolitan area: at BROADCASTIFY.COM. Click this link for the Harrisburg East Dispatcher and click this link for the Harrisburg Terminal Dispatcher.

The Norfolk Southern in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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