NS Locomotives With Reporting Marks…. Get Up, Get Out And Go Shoot Em’ While You Still Can

Enola-Yard-Pa-11-7-2015 (15)

Norfolk Southern Dash-8 40C #8689 at Enola still sports the reporting mark of the Southern Railway.

As Norfolk Southern continues to upgrade and modernize its fleet of locomotives, so do we say goodbye to many of the 20th century models and paint schemes that we all know and love.

Up to and including the breakup of Conrail, NS diesels often had “initials” and/or reporting marks under the unit number on the cab designating a previous owner and/or a specific district or division on the system.

Some such reporting marks were:

CG (Central of Georgia)

NW (Norfolk & Western)

SOU (Southern Railway)

PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad)

GSF (Georgia Southern & Florida)

CNOTP (Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific)

The new “Horsehead” paint scheme has been applied to locomotives since the early 2000s and as more and more old and new locomotives are repainted into this scheme, NS locomotives with reporting marks (other than NS) are becoming increasingly hard to find so….

Get up, get out and go shoot em’…. While you still can!

5-Train-Super-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-6-14-2015 (141)

5-Train-Super-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-6-14-2015 (156)

5-Train-Super-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-6-14-2015 (160)

5-Train-Super-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-6-14-2015 (162)

NS Locomotives With Reporting Marks…. Get Up, Get Out And Go Shoot Em’ While You Still Can….

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