An “EPIC” Commodity Returns.. At Least Let’s Hope So


Back in the heydays of Canadian Pacific, waste from the NYC area in special intermodal containers were a common sight on trains like 166 (Toronto, Canada to Oak Island, NJ) and 167 (Oak Island, NJ to Toronto, Canada). But like all things that was the CP, those good things came to an end.

Lots of freight was lost over the years and it seems like Norfolk Southern is trying to get some of that freight back. Or at least I’d really like to think so….

On November 23, 2015 Train 36T had an Epic remnant from days gone by…. Literally! Waste (dirt) containers from the NYC area with the reporting marks “EPIX” and “EPIU” and lettered for EPIC (Energy and Performance Information Center). A division of Synagro, they’re somehow tied into HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and the transportation of dirt and/or waste out of the NYC area.

For New York/New Jersey, that means a cleaner area…. For the railroad, that means more freight to haul…. For the railfan, that means more railroad to railfan…. And since it’s a cycle that works out nice for all, we’ll just have to hope that more of these EPIC articulated railcars and containers find their way into NS trains moving back and forth.



An “EPIC” Commodity Returns

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