Sunday Train Summary #7: More Heritage, More Color

Virginian-Heritage-Unit-Allentown-Yard-11-29-2015 (43)

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Heritage Units becoming common on the Sunbury?…

Feast to famine?… Or famine to feast? Either way, that’s what describes the motive power spectacle over the past 2 weeks.

Up to this point, foreign power from all over has been a common sight but the Heritage Units (though not foreign to the region) somehow seem to evade the Sunbury Crescent. That is, until about 2 weeks ago….

The color parade really blossomed on November 14, 2015 when the Kansas City Southern #4051 “Southern Belle stormed up on Train 37T. Five days later on November 19, the Big BlueConrail Heritage Unit made its way down on 36T. The very next day the Illinois Terminal Heritage Unit came up on 14R. And although it came through NEPA in darkness, it made it up to us four days later on November 24 when it came down on Train 11R under spectacular afternoon light. And just yesterday, the VIRGINIAN Heritage Unit came through on 37T.

That makes at least 3 times that this particular unit has come through the area, and since it too slipped through in the darkness of early morning, it was a good thing that I got it the day before resting in Allentown, Pa., just in from bringing Train 36Q from Linwood, NC.

With so much color and variety in November one can only wonder what December has in store…. I guess it just depends on whether we’re naughty or nice!

Allentown Yard

Allentown-Yard-11-29-2015 (27)

NS-11R-11-24-2015 (15)

Thanksgiving Day weekend made daylight traffic even lighter on the Sunbury Crescent….

SD40-2s #3475 & #3394, shown here in the early afternoon on Sunday, November 29, have been simmering for the last 4 days. Daylight traffic has been light the whole month and with the Taylor local parked for half-of-the-week, that made rail activity even lighter.

The K81 & K82 crews enjoyed a nice, long 4-day Thanksgiving Day weekend, but tomorrow, it’ll be back-to-business as usual and the big SDs will be lugging tonnage out of the region and onto Binghamton, NY and back.

Taylor-Yard-11-29-2015 (7)


Foreign power invasions….

NS-11R-11-27-2015 (13)



Cool and funky freight cars….

NS-36T-11-24-2015 (23)

Sunday Train Summary is a summary of all my week-to-week railfan activity with an occasional commentary thrown in….

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