1000 Words: Hiding In Plain Sight

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There was a time when the town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey was served by no less than 5 railroads. The Pennsylvania Railroad, The Lehigh Valley, The Central Railraod of New Jersey, The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western and the Lehigh & Hudson River all came here and for decades made the border-river town a popular railfan hotspot.

The main attraction for railfans was the Delaware River and the 3 railroad bridges that crossed it. The northernmost bridge was that of the Lehigh & Hudson River. The center was the CNJ and the southernmost was the Lehigh Valley.

In time those 5 railroads that served Phillipsburg became one and that obsoleted much of the area’s rich railroad history. One such casualty of the consolidation was the Lehigh Valley railroad bridge and its right-of-way through town. Little remains of the LV’s presence, however, not all was lost to the ages. Contained in the foliage is a carry-over from those better days.

The signal bridge which greeted thousands of LV trains entering New Jersey still eerily stands amidst the wilderness. And although it’s difficult to see in thick foliage of summer, in the naked dreariness that is winter, it sits hiding in plain sight…. Just waiting for someone to take notice.

1000 Words: Hiding In Plain Sight

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