Is Train 30T The New 11R?… Or Maybe It’s The Other Way Around….

NS-30T-1-1-2016 (69)Train 30T above, which came down on New Year’s Day 2016, has a Maine Central (PAR) SD40-2 second unit out. Pan Am diesels are a run through hallmark of Trains 11R and 14R between E. Deerfield, Mass and Enola, Pa.. BTW-That red wide-cab GE (3rd unit out) is Canadian Pacific (Strathcona’s) #8939.



Or should I say, “Hot off the scanner.” … I heard the crews of Trains 11R and 14R who met at Hanover (M.P. 697) talking as they passed one another and the word is that Trains 11R and 30T will be combined into one train. Apparently (starting either tomorrow or possibly next week), the 30T and 31T will be originating and terminating at Binghamton, NY.

That being said, it should go without saying that Trains 14R and 31T will also be joined at the hip.

At this time I’m not certain how this will affect the structure of the crews but quoting the last words I heard over the scanner regarding NS management…. “Gotta love em’.”

Is Norfolk Southern Train 30T The New 11R?

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