Weekly Train Summary #8: December And 2015

Delaware-Lackawanna-12-31-2015 (20)

One last hurrah for 2015!…

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As I open up 2016 with a close to 2015, I ponder the notion that I could simply focus on all that’s happened in just the last 6 months. For railfans in northeastern Pennsylvania it’s been a whirlwind of events that have more than just defined a year, in many ways the events of 2015 have defined this millennium and perhaps even a generation.

From a national perspective, and even that of smaller Norfolk Southern, the purchase of the Delaware & Hudson South end from Canadian Pacific was a relatively small event…. But in terms of importance, it ranks second in recent times only to the Conrail split 17 years earlier (yes, it’s been that long).

Add to that, the delay in which the transition was completed and the havoc it wrought with certain events of Scranton‘s Steamtown, the happenings of 2015 can, without a doubt, be called the stuff of legends and certainly some for the history books.

So to close out 2015 I wanted not to do a summary every week as we usually do, but instead, give you the high points of December to leave you eager for the new year. So without any more rail babble, I give you a pictorial essay of the best (and maybe even the worst) of what December 2015 had to offer….


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