Beauty And The Beast In Taylor, Pa.

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If you’ve been listening to the Sunbury line scanner then you’ve probably been hearing light engine moves from Taylor Yard to the south end of the line as Work Train 90M. This work crew has been doing tree cutting along the line. More important to us is the fact the 1/2 of the local diesel power is attached to that train leaving a power vacuum open in Taylor.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, instead of the older EMD you’d expect them to send in it’s place, Taylor has a 4,400 h.p. beast in the form of General Electric ES44DC #7687 to accompany the #3468 on its K81 and K82 daily duties. So until further notice, the beauty and the beast can be seen plying the rails of the Sunbury line between Binghamton, NY and Nescopeck.

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Beauty and the Beast

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