Norfolk Southern Work Train 90M At The Old Nescopeck Yard

Nescopeck-Yard-1-27-2016 (6)

Here is Work Train 90M…. A lone MOW car with a removable excavator!… The track in the background is the Sunbury main line.

And speaking of Work Train 90M…. If you’ve been listening to the scanner over the past few weeks, then you’ve no doubt been hearing a lot about this train. It’s a work train that’s been doing massive tree cutting around the Nescopeck area. Ironically, though, it’s actually just one car…. A maintenance-of-way flatcar #992223 with a small, removable excavator (with a cutting attachment). It’s shown above sitting on the “Nescopeck run-around” track which is part of the old Nescopeck Yard.

The four images below show what’s left of the Nescopeck Yard.

And as long as we’re on the topic of Nescopeck…. It’s a small village right across the river from Berwick @ the convergence of State Routes 339 and 93 (3rd Street). Milepost 716, which is often heard over the scanner is the beginning of CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) territory for northbound trains (and the end for southbound trains).

The Nescopeck siding sits just north of the runaround track…. You have to cross State Route 93 to get to it (which explains the train horns blaring when crews call out the signal @ M.P. 716).

Nescopeck-1-27-2016 (1)

Traveling on State Route 93 eastward we come to the Norfolk Southern Sunbury line crossing in Nescopeck. To the left (Image below) is the Nescopeck siding where CTC begins and ends. Note the white sign in front of the signal mast which indicates the start of CTC for northbound trains.

Nescopeck-1-27-2016 (3)


To the right (Bottom image) is M.P. 716 and just around the bend is the Nescopeck “Runaround track” and the remains of Nescopeck Yard. Note the mile marker to the right of the tracks.

Nescopeck-1-27-2016 (5)


Work Train 90M And The Old Nescopeck Yard

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