Rare Bird, Er Box…. Santa Fe’s BX-166 Boxcars

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This rare BX-166 boxcar (still in its “as delivered” Indian Red paint) is shown @ Taylor Yard on the Reading & Northern. Note the “BX-166” designation on the bottom right side of the car.

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In a world where boxcars are in short supply, here’s a rarity that you won’t find in too many places…. The BX-166 boxcar still in original ATSF (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe) livery!

Originally in service beginning in 1974 for the Santa Fe and painted Indian Red, this fleet of cars transitioned to the modern Mineral Red coloring and small circle-cross heralds. After 1996 and the BNSF merger, a variety of looks came into being for the BX-166 cars.

Most were repainted Mineral Red and carried BNSF reporting marks. Some of those versions have a patched reporting mark with a small circle-cross herald (the original Santa fe one) in the upper left corner. The other two schemes have either the early BNSF circle-cross herald on the right side of the car or the modern “powerbar” logo on the right side of the car.

Santa Fe BX-166 Boxcars

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