Taylor Troubles

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(Above) Covered hopper GPLX #74413 is being drug along at the end of Train 11R to Enola and would have to be set out @ Taylor Yard. (Below) The next day Maine Central #608 was set out @ Taylor because of mechanical problems. These events were just the beginning of Taylor’s troubles over the course of 3 days.

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The 3-day period of January 25-27 was not a happy one for the (railroad) folks at Taylor. Weather south of us be damned, we were spared the blizzard of 2016, but a series of other mishaps up north made up for the commotion we missed to the south.

The misery started on January 25 with Train 11R…. The last car of that train (GPLX #74413) had the wheels locked up and had to be set out at Taylor so that train could continue on its way to Enola.

Somewhere between the next 11R and 14R, a Pan Am Railways (SD40-2 #608) had to be set out at Taylor because of mechanical problems. I caught it on January 26 idling on one of the yard tracks. That same day, temporary mainline visitor Dash-9 #7687 had to go light to Nescopeck to retrieve resident SD40-2 #347-something or other because it had mechanical problems…. No big deal except….

The unit assigned to replace it Dash-9 #9104 (which went up on Monday, January 25 on Train 37T) had to bail out on those work train duties because of a bad radio that would only transmit about 2 miles.

The dispatcher commented over the radio in regards to Work Train 90M, “This train is cursed.” Funny in its honesty, but I prefer to say that there was simply a lot of trouble at Taylor over the course of 3 days.

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Local placeholder Dash-9 #7687 is seen (Above) about to leave Taylor to go south and retrieve the crippled Work Train 90M’s power. (Middle) The locomotive that took over on the 90M, Dash-9 #9104 is shown assisting 2 other GEs on Train 37T…. Note the snow on this train as Allentown had been covered with record snowfalls just days earlier.

(Below) Five days later, #9104 sat idling @ Taylor, relieved of its work train duties because of a bad radio.

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NS-9104-Taylor-Yard-1-27-2016 (3)

Taylor Troubles

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