FMC 5,277 Cubic-Foot Combo-Door Boxcars

Went into North American rail service in 1978 with American Rail Box Car Company’s (Railbox) purchase of a series of unique 70-ton “Plate C” boxcars. The cars included a six-foot plug door and a 10-foot sliding Youngstown door. Known as “ABOX” combo-door cars, the fleet served the needs of Railbox exclusively until the mid 1980s.

Beginning in the fall of 1984, Canadian National (CN) began buying ABOX cars from Railbox. By the sumer of 1985, CN operated a fleet of just under 1,000 of the original ABOX cars. Some cars received Tuscan Red repainting with white CN lettering, while others only got black patches with white stenciled reporting marks to denote their new CN ownership.

NS-Train-36T-5-19-2016 (54)

NS-Train-36T-5-19-2016 (58)

A close-up look Canadian National Combination Door Boxcar #598077 (and those below) show off the unique door configuration that gives these cars their name and their versatility.

Thursday-Double-Play-Scranton-Pa-8-6-2015 (64)

4-Train-Sunday-Scranton-Pa-8-16-2015 (111)

NS-36T-2-8-2016 (40)

NS-Train-30T-11-22-2015 (97)

NS-30T-12-26-2015 (35)

NS-30T-11-28-2015 (57)

4-Train-Thursday-Scranton-Pa-8-20-2015 (187)

Saturday-Double-Play-Scranton-Pa-8-8-2015 (110)

CN-Train-30T-9-21-2015 (52)

FMC 5277 Combo-Door Boxcars

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