Trinity 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars

NS-Train-37T-3-7-2016 (72)

Since 2012, TrinityRail® has built thousands of 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars to meet the growing needs of the oil industry. Mile-long unit trains with 100+ cars are crisscrossing the United States and Canada every day to deliver crude oil from the oil fields of North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana to refineries on the East, Gulf and West Coasts. The TrinityRail tank car is easily recognizable by its unique trapezoid-shaped end shields.

The Deep Rock Refining Co. (DPRX) and Trinity Industries Leasing Co. (TILX) are two of the most common road names found on these cars as shown above and below. This is Norfolk Southern Train 13R (Enola, Pa.-Spencer, NC) moving slowly past Harris Tower and the Amtrak station in Harrisburg, Pa..

NS-Train-13R-Harrisburg-Pa-11-7-2015 (81)

NS-Train-13R-Harrisburg-Pa-11-7-2015 (83)

Trinity 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars

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