1000 Words: Faded Glory – Red, White & SOO

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O. Winston Link had once remarked that the advantages of night photography is that you can control your light source and emphasize the parts of the subjects that you want…. Night photography is admittedly not my forte’, at least not yet!… But when I heard that the #6026 would be coming through the neighborhood, I was going to get a shot of it no matter what the lighting conditions!

My biggest concern was whether or not I would have enough flash power to effectively light something so big. And with virtually no available light, it was hard to get a solid focus on anything stationary, much less a moving target. But as the locomotives roared up the grade and past my camera and those white flanks of the big EMD came into view I composed, focused and….

There was a time when SOO Line diesels were a common sight in Northeast Pa.. But times change and the common becomes uncommon. Last year Canadian Pacific exited the area and with it went the various diesels of its American acquisitions. But lately the uncommon has become common again and a parade of SOO Line diesels have been spotted passing over their old stomping grounds.

Last year on December 7, SOO Line #6053 came down leading the 30T into Enola but 2016 has been a plethora…. On February 9, #6027 came down on 36T to Allentown. It made its way onto Train 32A to Oak Island where it’s reported to be as I write this commentary. The very next day on February 10, sister unit #6026 (shown above) came up last unit out on Train 14R…. And wouldn’t you know it, as fate would have, #6053 returned within the ranks of the 11R the day after that!

I’ve shot thousands of railroad photos in all types of lighting conditions and although I’ll admit that it may not be O. Winston Link quality, this is one of those shots that I truly live for!

Faded Glory: Red, White & SOO

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2 Responses to “1000 Words: Faded Glory – Red, White & SOO”

  1. Andrew Zehner
    February 13, 2016 at 9:42 am #

    I caught 6061 which is the last SD60M in soo paint on 11R the other night! Was worth the wait of being out till almost midnight!

    • Railfan AC
      February 13, 2016 at 2:30 pm #

      I know the feeling!… Woo-hoo!

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