Halliburton’s (HWCX) Pink Covered Hopper #7993 Spotted In Johnstown, Colorado

Steve Priest of Johnstown, Colorado caught one of Halliburton‘s (HWCX) Pink pearls near his home. Located near a side track in Johnstown. The track is about 4 miles long and probably served to bring in the sugar beet harvest. Now it’s used to park empty cars and sometimes you can find oil tankers there and other times there’s the long flat beds used to transport the wind turbine blades. Steve noticed the pink hopper car among the long line of drab grey cars and took a look (not to mention a pic or two).

In case you didn’t know, the stunning “pink” color is in honor of breast cancer awareness and at least 6 such pink covered hoppers exist roaming the North American rail network.



Halliburton’s (HWCX) Pink Covered Hopper #7993 Spotted In Johnstown, Colorado

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