Weekend Railfanning Episode 39: Two Hours In Harrisburg, Pa.

SOO-LINE-6027-2-20-2016 (7)

(TOP) The engine terminal @ Enola Yard was unusually empty allowing for me to get a clear shot of the SOO Line #6027, the last of the (4) SOO units in the area that I needed. (BOTTOM) On the south end a couple of yard geeps trundle around doing what they have to do to keep busy.

NS-Enola-Yard-2-20-2016 (1)

Two Hours In Harrisburg, Pa.

I spent a couple of hours in Harrisburg, Pa. today and this is what I saw…. Over at Enola the yard was unusually empty. So much so that I was (very happily!) able to get an unobstructed view of the SOO LINE SD60 #6027 in its faded and bedraggled “as delivered” livery. In the past couple of months at least 4 SOO units have made their way in and through Harrisburg. The #6061, #6026, #6053 and this one.

It’s been sitting here for a couple of days now, but in a few more hours it will join the consist of Train 14R, going my way through Northeast Pa. and on to points north.

NS-Harrisburg-Pa-2-20-2016 (68)

Looking north from the Mulberry Street overpass you can see the east and westbound tracks of the Pittsburgh Line (off to the left). Directly beneath us is CP Paxton. All that green in the distance are HUB Group and EMP containters in Harrisburg Yard.

On the other side of the river in downtown Harrisburg I was able to catch 2 westbounds coming off of the Harrisburg line…. The first was at 10:47 a.m. and was a familiar site from my last trip here. A 59-car empty auto rack train, this time with two units instead of just one.

The second came by 1/2 hour later in the form of a long 127-car freight drag that did just that…. Drug itself past Harris Tower and Harrisburg Yard.

NS-Harrisburg-Pa-2-20-2016 (15)

NS-Harrisburg-Pa-2-20-2016 (17)


NS-Harrisburg-Pa-2-20-2016 (22)

NS-Harrisburg-Pa-2-20-2016 (26)

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Keep up with all of the train action taking place around the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania metropolitan area: at BROADCASTIFY.COM. Click this link for the Harrisburg East Dispatcher and click this link for the Harrisburg Terminal Dispatcher.

The Norfolk Southern in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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