Lightning Strikes Twice!… Another Rare Norfolk Southern Turnaround Move At Steamtown

Whoever said that lightning couldn’t strike twice!?.. Last year on May 26th the locomotive power for CP Train 458/NS 11R had to make an unusual turnaround move at Steamtown. HERE’S THAT POST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT.

Today, the unusual happened again. This time on Train 37T, and this time NS is running the whole show…. Ironically, it was a Canadian Pacific engine that failed just like two did on 14R on February 16.

At any rate, 37T limped into Taylor Yard mid-Morning today and tied down due to a mechanical issue with the CP #8606. At 12:30 p.m. the trains 3 locos were at the Steamtown wye making a rare and unusual turnaround move.

It would take an hour before the train made its way up the hill and outta’ town but once they finally showed up @ 1:30 p.m., they blasted up and out with all of the available horsepower they had screaming in notch 8!… Those pics are in the next post!

NS-Train-37T-Turnaround-Move-At-Steamtown-2-22-2016 (4)

NS-Train-37T-Turnaround-Move-At-Steamtown-2-22-2016 (13)

NS-Train-37T-Turnaround-Move-At-Steamtown-2-22-2016 (22)

NS-Train-37T-Turnaround-Move-At-Steamtown-2-22-2016 (37)

NS-Train-37T-Turnaround-Move-At-Steamtown-2-22-2016 (81)

Norfolk Southern 37T making a rare turnaround move at Steamtown National Historic Site @ 12:30 p.m.


Railroad Crossing

Guide To Understanding Norfolk Southern Train Symbols:
Train Number Series Extra Series Symbol Train Description
000-099 R Special Trains
100-199 M Merchandise Trains
200-299 I Intermodal Trains
300-399 W Merchandise Trains
400-499 X Bulk Commodities
500-599 Y Bulk Commodities
600-699 Z Bulk Commodities
700-799 Q Coal Trains
800-899 S Coal Trains
900-999 O Miscellaneous or Work Trains

Understanding the train symbols of the Norfolk Southern Sunbury Line….

Norfolk Southern Train K81 is a local job out of Taylor Yard that services the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area as far south as Hanover, Pa.. K81 is a daylight runner between 07:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m..

Norfolk Southern Train K82 is a Taylor, Pa. to Binghamton, NY nocturnal Turn running from 7:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m..

Norfolk Southern Train 11R is an East Deerfield, Ma. to Enola, Pa. manifest which formerly ran as Canadian Pacific Train 458.

Norfolk Southern Train 14R is a Harrisburg (Enola), Pa. to East Deerfield, Ma. manifest which formerly ran as Canadian Pacific Train 459.

Norfolk Southern Train 30T has been discontinued since January 11, 2016 and now runs as Train 11R to Enola (Yard) Pa..

Norfolk Southern Train 31T has been discontinued since January 11, 2016 and now runs as Train 14R from Enola (Yard) Pa..

Norfolk Southern 37T is an Allentown, Pa. to Buffalo, NY manifest which formerly ran as Canadian Pacific Train 932.

Norfolk Southern 36T is a Buffalo, NY to Allentown, Pa. manifest which formerly ran as Canadian Pacific Train 933.

Keep up with all of the train action taking place on the former CP Rail Sunbury Subdivision (now the Norfolk Southern Crescent Corridor) at BROADCASTIFY.COM.

Naturally when Norfolk Southern takes over these mileage markers will probably change.. When they do I’ll make sure to make the necessary updates…. For now here are the….

Pennsylvania Mile Markers from Binghamton, NY to Sunbury, Pa.

627-Hallstead (Dragging Equipment Detector)
629-631 New Milford (Siding)
643-Kingsley (Dragging Equipment Detector)
648-650 Hop Bottom (10,000 ft. siding)
653-Nicholson & the Tunkhannock Viaduct
659-661 (10,000 ft. siding)
662-Glenburn (Dragging Equipment Detector)
664-Clark’s Summit
671-Steamtown Wye (Bridge Sixty)
672-Taylor Yard (North end)
673-Taylor Yard (South end)
677- (Dragging Equipment Detector)
679-Dupont Jct.
696-Nanticoke (Dragging Equipment Detector)
697-Hanover (Siding)
701-Retreat State Hospital
714-Beach Haven
716-Nescopeck (7,800 ft. siding)
722- (Dragging Equipment Detector – Hot Bearing Detector)
747- (Dragging Equipment Detector – Hot Bearing Detector)
750-Banks (6,400 ft. siding)
752-CP Kase (this is where the Sunbury Crescent joins the Norfolk Southern Buffalo line to Harrisburg and Enola.)

American Class 1 Railroads


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The Norfolk Southern Sunbury Line

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