[500th Post!] Today’s Mechanical Reefers And Refrigerated Boxcars

The 3 reefers shown below @ Enola Yard are good examples of the refrigerated cars roaming the rails of America today. The one to the left is a Union Pacific “Chilled Express” reefer that was probably refurbished from an old Fruit Grower’s Express (FGE) insulated boxcar. The one in the middle is one of UP’s newest and biggest, The 170000 series mechanical reefers and at right is a BNSF.

NS-Enola-Yard-2-20-2016 (4)

Although much of the perishable freight business that used to run across the rails has long since been diverted to trucks, there’s still a lot of it moving by trains and that amount is growing by the day! I wrote an in depth post about it and you can CHECK IT OUT HERE.

But unlike in the last century when most Class 1 railroads had refrigerated cars of their own, today their are only 2 that continue that tradition. Union Pacific and BNSF. You can check out my post on the UP/ARMN cars here.

And in addition to the big westerners, there’s also a few private companies running refrigerated cars like J.R. Simplot (JRSX) and Trinity Industries Leasing (TILX) shown @ Greencastle, Pa., and Cryo-Trans (CRYX) on Train 11R moving through Scranton, Pa.. Many of the TILX reefers are ex-BNSF cars.

Armada-Greencastle-Pa-11-7-2015 (16)

NS-11R-11-27-2015 (60)

Today’s Mechanical Reefers And Refrigerated Boxcars

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