Perspective: Now They Just Sit

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Going up the old Delaware & Hudson Penn Division to Carbondale is a bittersweet undertaking…. Starting from Scranton you go through Dickson City, Blakely, Eynon, Jermyn and Mayfield. You also pass dozens of artifacts of a once proud railroad and the communities that it served. There’s not much left of it anymore, however in Dickson City and Mayfield there are 2 vestiges of those memorable days.

Not one, but two original Delaware & Hudson cabooses sit next to the line. One’s in good condition and the other, not so much. But despite the fact that time has been far kinder to one over the other, they both remind us of the way that railroading was…. Better days, bygone days…. Days that many of us wish could’ve lasted forever.

And although the massive ALCO Challenger‘s that once plied these rails have long since faded into history, today ALCO diesels (including a few original D&H RS3s) still keep the rails alive with some kind of activity.

And although the caboose has long since disappeared from the end of trains, there are a few that continue to stand guard near the rails. And like so many things antiquated and seasoned with time, these days these two just prefer to sit.

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Perspective: Now They Just Sit

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