New Signs And Colors At The Steamtown Wye

The Wye at Steamtown has gotten a bit of a makeover…. In the past 2 weeks the de-railers have been freshly painted orange from their previous yellow and most noticeable are the new signs designating specific places on the line.

At the north leg of the wye there’s a new sign that reads “Steamtown North” adding some symmetry to the “Steamtown South” sign at the southern leg of the wye that stood without a mate for years. Also at the north end (next to the de-railer) there’s (another) new sign that reads “Hyde Park.” For those who might be unfimiliar with the Scranton area, we’re not talking about the Chicago neighborhood where Hef’s Playboy Mansion stood. This is the true designation of this part of Scranton‘s west side.

The sign’s co-located with the Delaware-Lackawanna‘s new mile marker that itself is relatively new having been placed there back on August 19, 2015 (approximately 2 weeks before the RAILFEST 2015).

At the south end of the wye there’s a matching counterpart that reads (Bloom). I have no designation called Bloom on any map that I own but I’m sure that the name means something to the railroads. So there you have it, new designations for the control points both north and south at the Steamtown Wye.

The date of this photo is August 20, 2015 and the new mile marker sign at the north leg of the Steamtown Wye had been placed there just yesterday. Although barely visible at the extreme bottom of the photo, it also shows the still yellow track de-reiler.

4-Train-Thursday-Scranton-Pa-8-20-2015 (2)

The new and improved mile marker sign now has the “Hyde Park” designation attached and the now orange de-railer. Note the Train K82 coming downgrade in the background.

NS-Train-K82-3-18-2016 (2)

At the extreme north end of the wye (directly below the Linden Street overpass) there’s a new sign that reads “Steamtown North.” The bend you see in the mainline is there to allow double stack container clearance under the overpass.

Signs-at-Steamtown-Wye-3-25-2016 (13)

At the southern end of the wye there’s a sign that designates this area as “Bloom.” Although out of the frame, the de-railer here has also been re-painted to orange.

Signs-at-Steamtown-Wye-3-25-2016 (42)

New Signs And Colors At The Steamtown Wye

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