The 90M Work Train Has Finally Gone Home…. Or Back To Enola At Least

The months of November, December and January were filled with Sunbury Line upgrades and maintenance. The star of the show, Train 90M, which was nothing more than a locomotive and a flatcar with a specially equipped excavator attached, did tree and brush cutting on most of the Sunbury Line during those months. From there it was off to the Freight Line (or someplace north of the Sunbury) where it disappeared for another month or two.

On March 24 the empty work train flatcar was seen in the consist of Train 11R heading to Enola. From there it’s only a guess as to where it’ll end up next. The train itself was pulled by three Canadian Pacific GEVOs including the Vancouver Olympics Unit. Nos. #9367, #8876 and #8514.


(ABOVE) The Maintenance of Way (MOW) flatcar that will be used to make up Work Train 90M is shown above coming into Taylor on Train K82 on November 2, 2015. (BELOW) Having been in service on the Sunbury Line for 3 months, Work Train 90M slogs northward along the mainline during a heavy downpour to do what it was made up to do…. Cut down trees and brushes that sit too close to the mainline. Note the Canadian Pacific diesel. This train was operated by no less than a dozen different locomotives during its time on the Sunbury Line.

NS-Train-90M-2-16-2016 (5)

NS-Train-90M-2-16-2016 (10)

NS-Train-90M-2-16-2016 (14)

The 90M Work Train Heads Back Home.

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