Track Work On The Delaware Lackawanna?

While traveling to catch a Norfolk Southern southbound Train 11R I happened to catch a little activity on the normally idle Diamond Branch in downtown Scranton.

A ballast tamper had came onto the branch where a ballast regulator and 2 loaded hopper cars were waiting. One of the workers got out of the tamper, fired up the regulator and both took off over Lackawanna Avenue and into Steamtown and from there, that’s anyone’s guess…. And for the record, that stuff that you see in the open hoppers is red coal ash, often used as ballast.

As pointed out in the beginning, I was on a pre-planned mission so I couldn’t track the movement of the MOW equpipment, but it appears that there’s some track re-grooming going on somewhere along the Delaware Lackawanna…. If you know anything about it, leave it in the comments below.

MOW-Equipment-Scranton-Pa-3-30-2016 (6)

MOW-Equipment-Scranton-Pa-3-30-2016 (14)

Track Work On The Delaware Lackawanna.

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