Off The Beaten Path: Two-Of-A-Kind

Just north of Towanda, Pa. off the beaten path Route 220 of a town called Ulster sit two-of-a-kind vestiges from two different bygone eras, fraternal twins if you prefer. It’s clearly evident which one is the red-headed stepchild in the family and which one is the favored. There’s a (sort of) public dirt road that can get you within photographic range of the two. But caution, these railroad relics are private property and are protected by a dog who clearly doesn’t like visitors!

Cabooses-Ulster-Pa-3-16-2016 (1)

Lehigh Valley cabooses in Ulster, Pa.

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Author:Railfan AC

AC is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a long haul trucker, a transportation enthusiast and a lifelong lover of trains. AC's mission is to travel America documenting American railroading in the 21st century while educating those who want to know about the importance the railroads play in our daily lives including, but not limited to, the movement of goods, services and more.

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