Passenger Stations: Towanda, Pennsylvania

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In 1922, the Susquehanna & New York (S&NY) constructed this building, smaller than the freight depot (20′ x 64′). This one-story building of steel lath covered with stucco has an asbestos roof. The station had 3 rooms: ticket office, freight room and a passenger waiting room. The building was “city steam heated and electric lighted.” The Postal Telegraph Cable Co. also had an office in the new station. The main passenger depot for the rail lines was located in the northern part of Towanda Borough, just south of the present day Sylvania plant near the intersection of Hawes Street and Packer Avenue.

One cannot over-emphasize the importance of railroads to the continued development of Towanda as a commercial center beginning with the first Pennsylvania and New York (Pa & NY) train in September 1869. In the 1970s approximately 6 passenger, 4 freight and 9 coal trains arrived at and departed from Towanda each way daily. Train traffic persisted even on Sundays when their passing interfered with services at nearby churches.

The large red brick structure was built by (Pa & NY) in 1884 as a freight depot. Later it was used as a station by several rail lines including, Barclay, Lehigh Valley, State Line & Sullivan, Susquehanna & New York. The north side of the building housed the station agent, train dispatcher and Western Union operator. The freight room was in the rear of the building.

1922 Train Station: Towanda, Pennsylvania

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Passenger Stations: Towanda, Pa.

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