Perspective: Reversing The Decline Of The Rail Industry

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As a trucker of over 20 years I’ve seen many (in fact, too many) scenes like the one pictured above. Businesses once served by rail that are no longer served by rail. The most disturbing thing about this picture (besides the 14 unused railroad bays) is the fact that this business is not situated in a rural, thinly populated town in the boondocks of America. It’s in Selkirk, NY and a few hundred feet behind me is the massive CSX Selkirk Yard to which this spur once connected.

It’s no secret that America’s railroads have sustained their share of injuries over the decades (most are self inflicted wounds if you ask me). And as we push further and further into the 21st century we’re seeing more and more businesses, distribution centers and industrial parks being built with absolutely no thought of rail service…. I could write a 1,000 word essay on how this all came to be but for now I’ll save that for another time.

For now, the thing to keep in mind is this…. In addition to losing that which they once had, railroads are also out of thought when it comes to that which has yet to come. A trend that I’d really like to see reversed.

Reversing The Decline Of The Rail Industry

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