10A & 11A: New Trains On The Sunbury Line?


Video still image of Train 10A with 14 cars moving downgrage towards Taylor Yard and a meet with its sister train 11A in the last minutes of daylight.

On Monday, April 4, 2016 Norfolk Southern Trains 10A (southbound) and 11A (northbound) operated over the Sunbury Line. For those not familiar with these numbers, they were formerly assigned to manifests between Conway (Conway Yard) and Northumberland (Northumberland Yard a.k.a. Norry), Pa..

Up until a few months ago, these trains reached Northumberland via the Nittany & Bald Eagle between Tyrone and Lock Haven but (perhaps to eliminate the cost of trackage rights) have since been running the NS Pittsburgh Line all the way to Enola, across Rockville Bridge and north up the Buffalo Line to Norry.

Whether these numbers were re-assigned permanently to the Sunbury Line or are extensions of their original manifests, the two met at Taylor Yard in the darkness of around 9:00 p.m. to the fanfare of local railfans who’ve been waiting eagerly since the takeover to see new trains on the line.

It’s my understanding that these are experimental trains (which explains their shortness; 14 cars for 10A and 13 empties for 11A) and time will dictate if they remain in operation.

10A & 11A: New Trains On The Sunbury Line

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