[600th Post!] Loading Heritage Containers In Hanover

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There’s been something going on in (railroad) Hanover, Pa. the last few weeks… Nanticoke to us locals. Blue 20′ foot containers with “HERITAGE” markings are being loaded somewhere near Nanticoke. Not a lots been told about where the containers are coming from or where they’re going once loaded or what their even loaded with. One rumor is that it’s earth from the dredging projects in the ports of Philadelphia. Supposedly the containers are taken off the cars and trucked to Philly where their loaded and brought back for loading back onto the railcars. Once re-loaded their taken somewhere west (midwest to be specific)…. As the rumor goes. So far none of these rumors have been validated and no other information about the cars or the operation exists to us as of this writing.

Loading Heritage Containers In Hanover, Pa.

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