Steam Returns To STEAMTOWN!

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After years of being a steam park with no steam, Baldwin Locomotive Works #26 has been brought into the limelight and out of the shops. Running under her own steam the 0-6-0 made a short trip to the Radisson Lackawanna station hotel to pick up dignitaries and down to the park center.

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On Sunday, April 17, Steamtown kicked off National Park Week with the re-dedication of No. 26 which included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, free commemorative baseball-type cards of the locomotive’s history and statistics, and a special photo exhibit in the Technology Museum that documented the locomotive’s restoration.

Scranton Limited” short train rides within the Steamtown yards were powered by the newly restored 26 and included a special commemorative ticket issued for that day.

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About the locomotive and restoration:

No. 26 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone (Philadelphia) Pa. in March 1929 and last ran as Steamtown’s yard engine in December 1999. On and off since then, she underwent total tear down, full replacement of all boiler tubes and dry pipe, tube sheets and some boiler patches. Some fittings for the water intake check valve have been replaced and a second water glass was installed in the cab. 1266 new stay bolts, several hundred rivets, a completely new combustion chamber (firebox) was crafted in the shop and her wheels and axles, after being repaired, received 6 new tires. The bent frame was straightened and 6 new drive box wedges, shoes, binders and bolts were crafted with the entire suspension being rebuilt. As well, the tender frame was reinforced and the lower half of the tender tank was rebuilt with the brake system being upgraded too.

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Baldwin No. 26 returns to service at Steamtown

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