Another Herzog Ballast Train…. With More Horse Power This Time

NS-Train-930-4-22-2016 (40)

Who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…. On Tuesday morning, April 20, Herzog Ballast Train 930 stormed out of Scranton, growling up the the grade to Clark’s Summit…. Though having three powerful GEs on the point, the grade proved to be just a little too much to handle and the train stalled near the summit. By the grace of God (in the conductor’s words) they were able to get the train moving again after the engines cooled down and the train went on to Binghamton and wherever from there.

For me this goes back to the 2000s (that will never sound good to me) when unit coal trains used to make this climb. Failure to add helper power back then resulted in stalls and broken knuckles on the grades of Clark’s Summit and Yatesville.

Today, another Train 930 made the same trip but fortunately not the same mistake…. This time there were four high-horsepower diesels in control and they showed the proper way to move a heavy train up the grade.

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Another Herzog Ballast Train…. With More Power This Time

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