Is Train 11Z The New 11R?

More change is in the air…. There’s another new Train plying the the rails of the Sunbury Line…. On the morning of April 29 @ 02:45 a.m. I heard a train number that I’ve never heard before…. Train M1Z.

For those familiar with the Norfolk Southern way of identifying trains then you know that this is an 11Z Extra. The next evening @ about 11:30 p.m. I heard the 11Z again calling out signals for Hop Bottom.

11Z is a southbound train (to and from ????) and from the sounds of it (and maybe even the looks of it) I’m betting that 11Z is the new 11R…. Time will tell if I’m right about this as there’s been no change to 11R’s sister train 14R which is still identified as just that.

Pan Am boxcars are a common and colorful sight on Train 11R which now may have become Train 11Z.

NS-Train-11R-4-28-2016 (82)

Is Train 11Z The New 11R?

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