Today’s Cryogenic & Mechanical Reefers

Railroading just keeps on evolving and when it comes to moving perishables, railroads have long been at odds (and at a strong disadvantage) with the trucking industry.. From the first ice bunkers of yesterday, to the newest cryogenics and mechanical reefers of today, railroads continue to help keep food on the tables of American throughout the country.. Especially here on the east coast..


Above is a video which explains the history of refrigeration in railroading from its beginnings in the 19th century with Gustavus Swift to the unit food trains moved by today’s Union Pacific and CSXT.. Below are some of the newest Cryo-Trans mechanical reefers in operation today..


Note that the first image is of a 4000 number series car while the rest are 5000 series cars.. Both types are mechanically cooled cars.. Here in town on the Reading & Northern, non-mechanical insulated 8000 number series reefers bring in various wines and liquors to the Kane Warehouse in Taylor..


Today’s Cryogenic & Mechanical Reefers

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Author:Railfan AC

AC is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a long haul trucker, a transportation enthusiast and a lifelong lover of trains. AC's mission is to travel America documenting American railroading in the 21st century while educating those who want to know about the importance the railroads play in our daily lives including, but not limited to, the movement of goods, services and more.

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