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Ex-Santa Fe Warbonnets & Ex-Chicago & North Western Dash 8s On Canadian National

A little bit about the locomotives…. The #2162 & #2026 have led rather interesting (and colorful) careers…. The 2162 was one of a series of ex-BNSF nee Santa Fe Warbonnet units! 2162 began life as Santa Fe Warbonnet 801 before becoming BNSF Warbonnet 801 and then CN 2162! The CN 2000-2041 series engines are the ex-CNW (Chicago […]

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Locomotive Spotlight: General Electric Dash 9-44CW as the Norfolk Southern D9-40CW

General Electric C44-9W as Norfolk Southern D9-40CW Just as the SD40 and all of its many variants came to symbolize EMD’s conquest and domination of the diesel locomotive market in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, so is the case today with the GE C44-9W, the most successful 21st century diesel locomotive to date. The popularity […]

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