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Train 458 With 2 Standard-Cab SD70s, 102 Cars And Some Cool Track Grooming Equipment

Norfolk Southern Train 458 with (2) standard cab SD70s and 102 cars @ 0800…. It’s rare in railfanning when something other than the trains take the center stage but that’s just what happened today…. That’s also saying a lot seeins’ how the train itself was an impressive 102-car lineup with 2 spartan-cab SD70s in charge. […]

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Busy Day On The Crescent (Part 2) New Timber For An Old Switch

Replacing ties on a mainline switch Maintenance to railroad tracks and its supporting features is ongoing. Case in point, these two friendly, hard working Canadian Pacific (soon-to-be Norfolk Southern) employees placing new timbers (ties) next to the Steamtown South switch to replace the two holding the antiquated looking switch stand in place. Don’t be fooled […]

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