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Track And Flange Greasers

This is a track/flange greaser…. Ugly isn’t it?… It’s purpose is to lubricate the wheel flanges on rail equipment as to help ease the wear on tight curves such as the one a few hundred feet upgrade. This greaser is located @ about M.P. 671.5 on the now Norfolk Southern Sunbury Line (Canadian Pacific Sunbury […]

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Red Boards, Yellow Boards, Green Boards…. What Do They Mean?

Somewhere along the way in your railfanning travels you may have stumbled across one or more colorful “boards.” They may be red, yellow, green or a combination of colors and they vary in appearance from railroad to railroad but their colors are the same and so is their purpose. They’re temporary flags (“slow boards”) and […]

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Busy Day On The Crescent (Part 2) New Timber For An Old Switch

Replacing ties on a mainline switch Maintenance to railroad tracks and its supporting features is ongoing. Case in point, these two friendly, hard working Canadian Pacific (soon-to-be Norfolk Southern) employees placing new timbers (ties) next to the Steamtown South switch to replace the two holding the antiquated looking switch stand in place. Don’t be fooled […]

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