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The Coolest Trains In America

Today’s Cryogenic & Mechanical Reefers

Railroading just keeps on evolving and when it comes to moving perishables, railroads have long been at odds (and at a strong disadvantage) with the trucking industry.. From the first ice bunkers of yesterday, to the newest cryogenics and mechanical reefers of today, railroads continue to help keep food on the tables of American throughout […]

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[500th Post!] Today’s Mechanical Reefers And Refrigerated Boxcars

The 3 reefers shown below @ Enola Yard are good examples of the refrigerated cars roaming the rails of America today. The one to the left is a Union Pacific “Chilled Express” reefer that was probably refurbished from an old Fruit Grower’s Express (FGE) insulated boxcar. The one in the middle is one of UP’s […]

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