Chattahoochee Bay Railroad (CHAT)


The Hartford & Slocomb Railroad (HS) was a shortline railroad that operated 22 miles of track from Dothan to Hartford, Alabama. Most of it was abandoned in 1992. What was left, from Dothan to Taylor, was sold to the Gulf and Ohio Railways who operated the line as the H and S Railroad (HS).

Eventually, the Genesee & Wyoming bought the line in 2006 and combined with its Chattahoochee and Gulf Railroad (CHAT) to form the Chattahoochee Bay Railroad (CHAT). The Chattahoochee Bay is about 28 miles and interchanges with CSX and the Bay Line Railroad at Dothan, as well as Norfolk Southern and the Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad at Hilton.

The Chattahoochee Industrial and the Bay Line are also Genesee & Wyoming subsidiaries.

Chattahoochee Bay Railroad