Iowa Traction Railway (IATR)

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The Iowa Traction Railway Company (IATR) was formerly known as the Iowa Traction Railroad Company and is an electrically operated common carrier railroad between Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa and it also serves Rorick Park near Mason City. And although track exists beyond Emery to Interstate 35 in the west and from Clear Lake Junction to 15th Street Southeast in Mason City to the east, the active portion of the railroad is Emery to Clear Lake Junction and today, the Iowa Traction actively operates the track between its Emery headquarters (southwest of Mason City) and the Clear Lake Junction with the Union Pacific Railroad.

In 2002 The Iowa Traction Railroad was bought by Progressive Rail (not the one owned by Caterpillar) which is a shortline holding company based in Lakeville, Minnesota and renamed Iowa Traction Railway.

Iowa Traction Railway