Moving Christmas Coal Over the Norfolk Southern

In a perfect Christmas time setting, three SD40-2s of the RJ Corman Railroad Group hustle 130 cars of loaded coal to the interchange with Norfolk Southern two days before Xmas ...

First Run For Reading & Northern’s ex-NS F-Units

(ABOVE) Reading & Northern’s Office Car Special shimmers in the early morning sunlight of the former Lehigh Valley Coxton Yard in Pittston, PA just minutes before heading north to Taylor ...

A New Engine House For Delaware Lackawanna Alcos

Scranton, Pennsylvania is home to the largest operating fleet of Alco locomotives in the world and they’re moving to a new home.. Their current residence on Breck Street (shown above) ...

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Little Power, Big Power

Local and road power mingle side-by-side on the ready tracks at Norfolk Southern‘s Hazleton, PA yard.. The two Geeps are the #5324 and the #5355 along with the #9147 and an unidentified GE.. Despite the recent NS purge of motive power, the little Geeps have managed to escape being sold off while the big GE […]

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The History of Conrail GP8 #5460

Delaware Lackawanna Shops: Breck Street, Scranton, PA CHECK OUT OUR RAILPICTURES.NET PROFILE HERE: When Conrail took the throttle from the hands of the Penn Central in 1976, there were hundreds of locomotives lined up in the graveyards of places like Altoona and elsewhere on its system. The big blue, in immediate need of reliable […]

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Perspective: Bigger Trains = Bigger Problems

The DPU power for today’s Train 11Z glides under the Linden Street overpass at approximately 11:49 a.m.. Air/reservoir problems with the unit caused the nearly 200-car train to go into emergency a few miles up the line and tied up operations on the entire Sunbury and River Lines for hours. Today (April 9, 2020) one […]

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Reading & Northern’s 20th Anniversary SD38 #2003

EMD’s SD38 made a name for itself in heavy drag freights and busy hump yards from the hills of Minnesota to the sprawling yards of the Northeast. Though production numbers were small compared to the similar SD40, many of these locomotives would change hands several times over their long careers – some of which continue […]

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Switchback Switching Branchline Customers

Switchback Switching The Reading & Northern Keyser Valley Branch

Tuesdays and Wednesdays bring a little something different to the 6-day a week operations on the Reading & Northern Keyser Valley Branch. On September 24 & 25, 2019, I spent some time with the PISB Train crews while they worked a small switchback extension to their branch.. The “Switchback Track” as I call it has […]

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The History of Norfolk Southern’s Heritage Units

In 2012, The Norfolk Southern painted 20 brand new locomotives into the classic paint schemes of its predecessor railroads to celebrate its own 30th anniversary as a railroad. The Heritage Units, as they’re known, were not the first of their kind, but never before in the history of railroading had such an ambitious, historical project […]

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The History of Norfolk Southern’s SD70ACU

It wasn’t that long ago that a small armada of Armour Yellow diesels brightened the locomotive ranks of Norfolk Southern’s predominantly black diesel army. The former Uncle Petes paraded in their sunny dress throughout 2015, 2016 and much of 2017 before the painter’s spray can and the cosmetic surgeons’s scalpel finally caught up with the […]

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Alco Afternoon Delight

Today I did a little bit of serendipitous trainspotting when I happened upon the Delaware Lackawanna and the Norfolk Southern.. Both in spectacular, ethereal afternoon light.. First we see three of D-L’s five big six-axle Alco diesels with 55 carloads up from Taylor.. Over on the Sunbury Line, Norfolk Southern Train 14R had three GEs […]

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New GATX Stone Hoppers

Seeing clean cars in the modern day is rare. Seeing long strings of clean cars is almost non-existent. Summer of 2018 saw 2 blocks of new GATX stone hoppers on Train 37T. At 188 cars (not counting what may have been dropped on Mountain Top to the Reading & Northern), the massive westbound received a […]

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The Coolest Trains In America

Today’s Cryogenic & Mechanical Reefers

Railroading just keeps on evolving and when it comes to moving perishables, railroads have long been at odds (and at a strong disadvantage) with the trucking industry.. From the first ice bunkers of yesterday, to the newest cryogenics and mechanical reefers of today, railroads continue to help keep food on the tables of American throughout […]

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