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Trains 21 was founded in, and is based in Northeast Pa.. Trains 21 documents railroading all over North America with a strong focus on the Northeast. The most important thing to understand about Trains 21 is that it’s a “journey” and not a “destination.”

To help you on your way, we’ve included this page to help you understand how the site is broken down…. Of course, you’re always free to dive right in and look at what you want first, but to get the most from this site and all that it has to offer, it’s important to understand how it’s all been laid out for you….

At its core, Trains 21 is a “Timeline” of the events that are happening in railroading today. Because of this we don’t spend as much time covering days past, however we do honor those beloved bygone days in a section called Time Capsule.”

The Blog link is a chronological timeline of the posts that are written as they take place.

The About link (and the links in its drop down menu) explain in detail what the site is about as well  as introduce you to the founder and the inspiration for Trains 21.

How did we get here (and the link in its drop down menu) is a trimmed down history of railroading in America from the earliest days of steam to the shortlines, regionals and megasystems of today.

In the second row of links, in the “Features” link drop-down menu, you’ll find a section called Adventures In Railfanning which is the “heart and soul” of the site. A-I-R is a real-time chronological journey of the day-by-day railfanning adventures of the founder as he documents the railroads of America. You’ll ride along as he takes you by the hand and guides you through the cracks, crevices and mysteries of railroading.

From there, the rest is easy, so have a look around and start clicking those links and see where in today’s railroading they take you!…