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The Weekend 51: Unit Coal Train 532 + 10A and a very short 11A

Norfolk Southern 532 with 88 cars @ 05:55 a.m….     Norfolk Southern 10A with 62 cars @ 6:24 p.m….     Norfolk Southern Train #11A with 2 light engines @ 6:42 p.m….   Guide To Understanding Norfolk Southern Train Symbols: Train Number Series Extra Series Symbol Train Description 000-099 R Special Trains 100-199 M […]

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Coal Trains Thunder Over The Sunbury Line Again!

It’s no secret that coal is what put Northeastern Pennsylvania on the map but what might not be known to today’s Sunbury Line railfans is that coal trains did in fact thunder along the Sunbury Line in the 20th century too. It was summer of 1999, not long after Conrail was chopped in half like […]

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Coal Trains…. At The Crossroads?

Coal trains like this one @ Binghamton, NY’s Bevier Street Yard may become a rarity as America gears up for possible changes in energy production.   Since the earliest days of railroading coal has been the lifeblood for many rail lines, and to this day, is the quintessential essence of heavy railroading. Just seeing a […]

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